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Training the ADD and ADHD Brain

Disorders of attention, collectively known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), cause an inability to attend to situations, focus on the task at hand, and effectively shift attention between tasks. ADHD ultimately leads to unwanted behaviors such as procrastination, lowered motivation, impulsivity, apathy and hyper-activity. Though they are typically associated with childhood, attention disorders often persist and cause major disruptions in the lives of adults too. Although many adults have found ways to cope with some of the symptoms, they continue to search for how to improve their ADHD.

APEX Brain Centers in Asheville, North Carolina offers highly successful, research-based alternatives to conventional, medication-based treatment for ADHD. Simply put, we are all about Brain Training for improvement of ADHD. Whether you are experiencing a mild lapse in attention from time to time or paralyzing inattentiveness leading to failing test grades, job loss, or relationship failure – Brain Training offers hope for a better, brighter, less stressful future!

Improve Attention and Focus with Interactive Metronome

One of the advanced Brain Training methods APEX utilizes to help improve ADHD is the Interactive Metronome, or IM. IM is a research-based assessment and training program designed to improve attention, concentration, sequencing, and planning abilities by sharpening timing in the brain. Whether you are thinking a thought, moving a muscle, speaking, or any other number of brain and body functions, proper mental timing is necessary for peak performance.

Mental timing, also known as temporal processing, involves brain regions that are critical to many aspects of focus and attention including the frontal lobes, the anterior cingulate cortex, and the basal ganglia, among others. Improvements in function of these key brain regions ultimately lead to improvement in the symptoms present in the various forms of ADHD. This Brain Training exercise can help the brain learn to work in a more efficient and focused way. The IM is truly Advanced Training for the Brain!

Neurofeedback for Attention Disorders

Another powerful Brain Training strategy for ADHD that we use at APEX is neurofeedback (NFB). Neurofeedback’s impact on ADHD and other behavioral disorders has been studied for the past 40 years. Awareness of this approach has grown over time and in the past 15 years NFB has come to be considered as an incredibly effective alternative therapy for ADHD.

The NFB process can involve playing a game, watching a movie, or simply listening to sounds; but really you are learning how to change and manage your brain wave patterns. Different brain waves are associated with different states of being, including focus and attention. The neurofeedback system records information about which brain waves you are emitting, and at what quantity. The highly sophisticated NFB computer software responds to changes in your brainwave patterns through sounds and visual media. This feedback guides you to actively “recruit” other brainwaves so you achieve the state of mind you need to be successful.

This type of Brain Training for ADHD helps you learn how to intentionally access specific brain waves that will help you focus, lengthen your attention span, and organize your thoughts. By repeating this Brain Training exercise over and over again, your brain learns how to reach peak brain states with much greater ease. This is a necessity for those with ADHD!  

For more information on NFB as alternative therapy for ADHD, please visit the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research to find a comprehensive collection of research.

To learn more about attending an ADD Brain Training in Asheville, NC please visit our Admissions Page.

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