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Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussions and the Brain

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) occurs when someone suffers a violent blow, bump or jolt to the head that damages the brain. Falls, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents are three of the most frequent causes of TBI. No brain injuries are without their consequences and these injuries can cause mild, moderate or severe brain and body dysfunction, depending on the severity of the damage.

Concussions are the most common TBI. The effects of a concussion may seem mild in the short term, such as headache, dizziness or confusion; but if left untreated a concussion can cause long lasting physical, cognitive, social, psychological and behavioral problems including memory loss, vision problems, loss of balance, changes in mood and loss of focus and attention abilities. Even changes in vital functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and digestion are commonly reported. If you’ve been experiencing any of these brain injury symptoms, don’t wait any longer to seek help. Brain Training from APEX offers hope to anyone who has been suffering the effects of a concussion or other Traumatic Brain Injury.

Oculomotor Testing and Concussion

At APEX, brain injury recovery begins with a thorough history and examination. Oculomotor testing is one of the diagnostic methods we use to map out your road to brain trauma recovery. Eye problems are a very common result of concussion injuries including: blurry vision, light sensitivity, eye fatigue, inability to read and focus, and double vision. We can learn a great deal about your brain function by examining your eyes. The cranial nerves connect the brain to the eyes. These nerves are critical to both vision and eye movement. Problems with vision, eye reflexes and eye motor control can help us determine what parts of the brain suffered trauma during the concussion or other TBI. The eyes are also very heavily tied into your vestibular or balance system, and proper assessment and intervention with eye issues can dramatically improve symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and poor balance after a brain injury.

We perform a thorough eye exam with videonystagmography (VNG) to reveal the underlying causes of your TBI symptoms. We observe how your eyes move, how they respond to light, specific eye reflexes, and how well you can read a visual chart among other tests. We also look at the interior of your eye with an ophthalmoscope. These tests show us what parts of the brain require the most attention, and we can direct your Brain Training to focus on those specific areas.

The Brain Training Approach to Recovering from Head Trauma

Oculomotor testing is only one of the diagnostic methods we use to determine the effects of concussions on the brain. We also undertake a full neurological exam and learn your medical history. Other tests that will help us understand your needs and help you reach your goal of brain injury recovery include:

Once we understand which parts of your brain are causing your TBI symptoms, we design a Brain Training strategy that will help you see the most improvement. Brain exercises and interventions we use include:

Learn More about Brain Training for Concussions and TBI from APEX Brain Centers

If you have suffered a concussion or other Traumatic Brain Injury, help is available to get you back to where you were before the injury or perhaps even better. Our goal is to help you maximize your brain function and improve your quality of life.

APEX offers interventions that can and will help you as you journey along the road to recovery from brain trauma. Building Better Brains is what we do. Contact us to find out more about how Brain Training from APEX can help.

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