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What is qEEG?

Quantitative electroencephalography or qEEG is a process of measuring, recording and analyzing electrical activity in the brain and comparing it to normative or average values. This process is also called brain mapping, because brainwave data reveals a detailed picture of how your brain is functioning relative to these normative databases.

qEEG is just one of the many brain training tools we use at APEX Brain Centers.

How is qEEG Brain Mapping Used?

A qEEG brain map can show how each part of a brain functions under a variety of conditions. This precise measurement of brain waves reveals which areas of the brain are functioning optimally, and which areas can be improved. We use qEEG as a guide to determine the most efficient and effective way to train your brain to achieve your goals: better memory, focus, motor control, cognitive abilities…etc.

Brain Maps and Neurofeedback

Effective Brain Training methods are unique to the individual because every brain is unique. APEX offers qEEG directed neurofeedback that will help you see improvements in the areas that need it most.

qEEG directed neurofeedback can help you learn how to alter your brain waves in a way that will benefit you no matter what life challenges you face, or learning based goals you may have.
For Example:

Cutting Edge qEEG Technology

At APEX Brain Centers, we use state of the art Brainmaster qEEG software and hardware that can measure over 5700 aspects of brain activity. This sophisticated technology allows us to capture an extraordinary amount of detail about the functionality of each individual part of your brain and see where there is room for improvement. This technology is often combined with transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for greater impact in shorter periods of time.

The qEEG and Neurofeedback Brain Training Process

The qEEG process is neither invasive nor painful. You wear a cap embedded with electrodes that record brain activity from 19 sites around your head. We monitor your brainwave output, analyze the data, and apply what we’ve learned to your custom Brain Training Program. Brain maps enable us to do region of interest neurofeedback training that focuses on specific lobes or parts of the brain that need the most attention.

Brain maps and other assessments significantly improve the accuracy of Brain Training. Our high intensity, targeted approach decreases the training time required for clients see long lasting improvements. APEX clients typically receive training for a 5, 10 or 15 day period instead of monthly or yearly spans of time.

If you are interested in learning more about qEEG and our other Brain Training strategies contact our admissions department.

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