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Improve Memory, Focus, and Physical Performance with Interactive Metronome

Have you ever stopped to think about your brain’s internal clock?

The timing of your brain determines how well you perform almost any task: how you focus, your attention span, comprehension of text and speech, your memory, and even your motor coordination.

Many brain disorders and conditions including TBI, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and Stroke are associated with improper brain timing. Traumatic Brain Injury may cause problematic timing in the brain (known as temporal processing ability). Other conditions, such as ADHD, are the result of impaired timing, sequencing and planning abilities within the brain.

But did you know that you can use Brain Training tools, such as the Interactive Metronome, to greatly improve your memory, focus, and physical performance? Anyone—including peak performers—can benefit from the improvements in the brain that result from Interactive Metronome (IM) training. (In fact, IM was originally designed to improve performance for athletes like football players.)

Through repetitive auditory and visual feedback, you can train your brain to function more efficiently. The Interactive Metronome has been shown to improve memory, attention, coordination, and timing in children, adults, and athletes.

What is Interactive Metronome (IM)?

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a therapeutic assessment and training program. It provides a structured, goal-oriented program in a game-like way that challenges the client to match a rhythmic beat with repetitive motor activities.

Interactive Metronome integrates sight, sound, and physical movements to improve attention, concentration, motor planning, and sequencing. The Interactive Metronome works hand in hand with the concept of neuroplasticity, the brains ability to adapt and grow in response to your experiences and environment.

With IM sessions, clients show a vast improvement in:

Working Memory

Storing information and ideas, word recognition, comprehension, and remembering instructions.


Focusing on information and tasks while filtering out distractions.


Accurately perceiving and understanding information.


Placing detailed information in its proper order, such as days of the week, appointments, and elements for cooking or baking.

Motor Coordination

How purposeful body movements work together when getting dressed, exercising, or writing, etc.

Is IM Right For You?

Anyone can benefit from Interactive Metronome sessions, from peak performers to clients with motor and sensory disorders, speech and language delays, learning deficits, and various cognitive and physical difficulties, including:

Discover how IM sessions can help you achieve your goals by contacting our admissions department today.

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