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What is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback (NFB), or EEG biofeedback, is a form of Brain Training that uses electrical brain recordings (EEG brainwaves) to take a client through a process of brain self-regulation. The feedback used to train the brain, often in the form of sounds, visual demonstrations, video games, movies and more, is directly impacted by the real-time brain waves produced by the client. The more a client’s brain waves fall within the limits prescribed by the clinician, the better the performance of the client, and the faster and more efficiently the client will positively train their brain. It is the constant observation and positive reinforcement of the target brain wave ranges over the duration of NFB training that will ensure the highest degree of plastic change within the brain. This is indeed hi-tech learning at its finest!

Who Benefits from Neurofeedback?

Nearly any brain can benefit from NFB training! From learning, developmental and behavioral disorders of childhood…to anxiety, attention problems, OCD, PTSD and insomnia in adults; NFB training is a valuable, evidence-based solution for alleviating, and in some cases eliminating, the symptoms of these life challenges. There is also growing evidence supporting the effectiveness of NFB with conditions such as seizure disorders, brain injury (TBI), Parkinson’s, pain syndromes (including Migraine headaches), and many others. Many athletes, CEOs, artists, musicians and other ‘peak performers’ consistently rely on NFB training to elevate their level of brain function to take them to new heights!

Neurofeedback Brain Training From APEX

NFB training is an integral part of our Intensive Brain Training Program at APEX Brain Centers. Several things set APEX apart from most conventional NFB providers, including:

  1. The use of qEEG (Brain Maps) to guide NFB training and determine what improvements have been realized as a result of such training.
  2. The frequency at which the NFB is delivered. We train at a frequency of 15 sessions per week whereas many providers deliver the same number of sessions over 5 – 30 weeks or more. The brain learns best with high frequency intervention (very often), and that is what APEX delivers!
  3. The use of MicroTesla – a form of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) used in conjunction with NFB training.
  4. Integration of NFB training with a multitude of other brain training methods, diagnostic testing, and metabolic/nutritional interventions.

We utilize the latest in qEEG and NFB technology with FDA approved BrainMaster hardware and software to ensure we are serving our clients to the highest degree possible with research grade equipment. This, in concert with an exhaustive list of other brain-based training modalities including the Interactive Metronome, oculomotor training, vestibular training, visual and auditory training, cognitive and executive function training, oxygen therapy, musculoskeletal intervention, brain games, nutritional intervention, and much more, will ensure client needs are met with a decreased need for multiple providers delivering singular therapies over an extended period of time. All aspects of Brain Training at APEX are guided by testing procedures specifically related to the trained brain and body functions.

At APEX Brain Centers we are helping people to Build Better Brains!


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