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Brain Training To Improve Memory

Just as you can exercise in a gym to build a better body, you can exercise at APEX Brain Centers to build a better brain. We offer customized Brain Training programs designed to help our clients strengthen memory skills and enhance cognitive abilities.

The brain grows and adapts in response to experiences and environment. Brain Training takes full advantage of this “neuroplasticity” by stimulating the brain with exercises that encourage positive changes. Whether you want to achieve more professionally or academically, or fight back against age related memory loss, you can train your brain to boost memory.

Memory Training Activities and Exercises

Every brain is different, and therefore every individual requires a personalized Brain Training Program. We use state of the art qEEG technology to create a map of your brain. We use that map to create a training program designed to get you to your destination: enhanced memory. Your Brain Training sessions are made up of a variety of assessments and exercises, including:

  • Comprehensive neurological evaluation
  • Cognitive testing
  • Neurofeedback
  • Interactive Metronome Training
  • Oculomotor Training
  • Vestibular Training
  • Cognitive and Executive Function Training
  • Oxygen Therapy and so much more…

The brain learns best when it has the ability to practice. To reach your goal of memory improvement, you will repeat exercises that help your brain learn and grow. We carefully measure the changes that are taking place to ensure you are advancing toward your memory improvement goal. For example; facial recognition tests are administered to test memory function, so you can see your progress as you move through the training.

Boost Your Memory with Brain Training from APEX

Our high frequency, high intensity brain training programs can help you achieve memory improvements in a short period of time. Our targeted approach is designed to help you achieve your full potential and make gains that will have long lasting results. Contact our admissions department to learn more about how we can help you train your brain to improve your memory.

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APEX Brain Centers is leading the way in neuroplasticity-based brain enhancement programs that are opening new doors for those struggling with addictions, learning and behavioral disabilities, test performance, athletic performance and more.

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