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The typical admission to our Center would be anyone seeking to improve their current level of cognitive and physical performance, whether struggling with adulthood learning and behavioral challenges, concussion, TBI and other neurological disorders;  as well as CEOs, atheletes, musicians, baby-boomers and any person looking to elevate their current level of cognitive and physical ability with peak performance Brain Training training.

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  • Avatar

    Judy Hippert


    I’ve been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia can you please help me ? Thanks Judy Hippert

    • Avatar

      Dr. Michael Trayford



      Please call our office at 828.708.5274 to set up a free brief consultation to discuss. This is something we are quite well-versed in.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Avatar

    Charles O'Shields


    My wife, Nancy is a 71 year old who has suffered oxygen loss to the brain twice. Once in 2007 when she had to have cardio electrical stimulation and in 2013 when she accidentally took a extra dose of blood pressure medication, thereby reducing her blood pressure. Both incidents called for her to be hospitalized in a intensive cardiac care unit.

    Her health to day is good except for the depression and anger brought on my memory loss, primarily short term. She is taking medications for depression, and now one memory loss. Daily life is a struggle for her.

    Could she benefit from your training programs, what does it entail, and are your services covered at least in part by Medicare and secondary policies. We are North Carolina residents?

    • Avatar

      Dr. Michael Trayford


      Greetings – These are the types of cases we do work with. Please call our admissions dept. at 828.681.0350 as we can answer any questions you might have that would likely be too much to cover here. Ask for Mike Ervin. We look forward to your call.

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