Remote Functional Brain Rehabilitation and Training

Introducing APEX@Home

Our exclusive telemedicine option for distance brain rehabilitation and training.

Convenient, Functional Brain Care

Get treated by one of our board-certified physicians from anywhere.

The APEX@Home Program

Objective Testing

Icon showing memory test

The foundation of all programs is objective data gathering and a comprehensive evaluation by our board-certified physicians covering:

  • Standardized Cognitive Testing
    These measure attention, focus, memory, impulse control, and other critical cognitive abilities.
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    Including lipids profile, thyroid, blood chemistry, and urine protein.
  • Additional Diagnostic Tests
    Such as environmental toxins, gut health, organic acids, food sensitivities, and hormone tests.

Individual Care Plan

Icon showing comprehensive care plan

Every program is personalized to the individual and based on objective testing and evaluation. Care Plans typically include:

  • Metabolic Therapy
    Including nutritional supplements, medical food, and cleanses.
  • Functional Brain Rehabilitation Therapies  
    Such as balance, eye, complex movement, reflexes, fitness, meditation, low-light laser, vibration, and oxygen.
  • Devices, Equipment, and Tools 
    As needed to aid in therapies. Examples range from simple treatment aids to devices like lasers, nerve stimulators, and vibration plates.

One-On-One Care

Icon showing frequent video check-ins with physician

All programs include regularly scheduled telemedicine appointments with a dedicated board-certified physician who will:

  • Educate & Inform
    Answer your questions and help you understand your condition, brain function, and care approaches.
  • Assess & Adapt
    Evaluate your progress and adapt the plan as needed.
  • Encouragement & Accountability
    Give you a boost or call you to action when needed.

How It Works

We start with an initial consultation with a physician.

Then we do your baseline cognitive testing and comprehensive metabolic panel.

Once we have test results, we perform the comprehensive evaluation and create your individualized care plan.

Then, you begin the metabolic and brain therapies, and we recommend helpful devices, equipment, and tools.

We'll do monthly telehealth appointments where we'll educate you and your caregivers, monitor your progress, make any needed adjustments to the plan, and remind you how well you're doing.

Along the way, we'll repeat your objective testing to better quantify your improvements. 

Request A No-Cost Consultation


It simply means that all interactions will be done remotely over phone and video calls using platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Yes, you will work with a primary physician, but they may include others to assist, depending on your unique needs.

All APEX@Home programs include 1) Cognitive & Metabolic Testing, 2) Individualized Metabolic & Functional Brain Therapies, and 3) One-on-One Physician Care.

The standard APEX@Home programs are 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. We can also do custom programs.

Of course! 

Since we personalize APEX@Home programs for each person, there's no standard equipment package. Your doctor will make recommendations based on your treatment plan.

We believe anyone with a brain can benefit, but a physician consultation is needed to see if it's a good fit.

APEX@Home may be a great complement to our in-person care. Ask your doctor if it's right for you.

APEX@Home programs start at under $1,000 and go up from there based on the duration of the program. 

Some basic things like supplement shake bottles and water bottles are included. Devices and equipment like HBOT chambers, low-light lasers, and vibration plates are not.

All APEX@Home programs are private-pay, meaning that we do not submit reimbursement claims to your insurance. We will provide superbills for you to file.

Yes. We offer a no-interest option through CareCredit. 

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