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No.  While most individuals entering the ABC program have already received one or multiple diagnoses, our primary concern is, and has always been, to address your underlying brain dysfunction.  While diagnoses are important for a host of reasons, it is this underlying dysfunction that has led to a diagnosis, whether accurate or not.

Yes, there are numerous citations and resources available under our ‘Education‘ tab.

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Once confirmed for admission to the ABC program, you will receive a pre-care check list, which will identify all aspects of preparation for your time with us.  Pre-care is critical for successful outcomes.

Your first visit will be testing-intensive to establish baseline levels of brain function, followed by an average of 3 visits per day for the duration of your time with us.  Each visit will last an average of 1.5 hours and you will be actively engaged in assessment and intervention for the vast majority of this time.  Periodic interim assessments and final testing procedures will be performed as needed.  You will be expected to adhere to a host of pre, during, and after program recommendations to ensure optimal outcomes; which can be found here.

In order for us to provide the high quality and quantity of services we offer, which far exceed industry standards, our program is not reimbursable by insurance companies. There are , however, options such as 3rd party financing, tax incentives for those that qualify, and discounted rated for those with demonstrable financial hardship.

Your ‘Brain Intensive’ program will be directed by the results of numerous evidence-based objective testing and assessments, therefore the range and cost of services will vary from one individual to the next. Our extensive cost comparison research has shown that our high frequency approach and bundling of services will save you, on average, 30-40% off the cost of services purchased independent of one another. Please contact us at info@apexbraincenters.com to schedule your FREE initial consultation, at which time we will be able to more specifically address your individual financial obligations.

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