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A Pilot’s Success Story with Brain Training

John’s ( A Pilot's Success Story ) John is a 66-year-old grandfather and successful businessman from Asheville, NC who counts flying among his favorite hobbies. But he is concerned that ...

Case Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome – Jackie

Case Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome ( Jackie’s Story ) At the time of presentation to APEX Brain centers in Asheville, NC in late 2015, Jackie was a 55-year-old, soon-to-be-retiring professional female. ...

Case Study: Young Mother With Multiple Concussions Finds Relief Through Brain Training

https://youtu.be/kGWDaDo6vVs Ali’s Story Ali presented to APEX Brain Centers in August of 2015 in search of concussion relief. She was struggling with a host of debilitating complaints due to multiple ...
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The Interactive Metronome – Brain Timing is Everything

The Interactive Metronome - 21st Century Brain Training Every breath you take, every move you make (enter the distinct guitar sounds of The Police’s wildly popular 1983 hit) is controlled ...

Negligence on the Sidelines – Thoughts on the Uproar in Michigan

Thoughts on the Uproar in Michigan - Football can be a brutal sport full of heavy hits and injuries. All too often bravado (or, as some would see it, ignorance) ...

5 Dangers of Untreated Concussions

No one is immune to the possibility of a concussion or traumatic brain injury, although athletes, children, senior citizens, and those with ‘high-risk’ jobs are much more likely to suffer ...

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