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I Actually Feel Good…

Sometimes, Less is More Not “I feel great”, “I am cured”, “I am a new person”, “I no longer have pain”, etc. Just simply, “I actually feel good”. The Case ...

Case Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome – Jackie

Case Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome ( Jackie’s Story ) At the time of presentation to APEX Brain centers in Asheville, NC in late 2015, Jackie was a 55-year-old, soon-to-be-retiring professional female. ...

Case Study: Young Mother With Multiple Concussions Finds Relief Through Brain Training

https://youtu.be/kGWDaDo6vVs Ali’s Story Ali presented to APEX Brain Centers in August of 2015 in search of concussion relief. She was struggling with a host of debilitating complaints due to multiple ...

Case Study: Balance and Memory Problems – Roger

Case Study: Balance and Memory Problems ( Roger's story ) At the time of presentation to APEX Brain Centers, Roger was a 70-year-old male struggling with severe balance problems, clumsiness, ...

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