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When your brain is functioning optimally, thoughts are clear, decisions come easy, movements are fluid, your food is digested and turned into energy for your body without incident, and hormones circulate and control extremely complex body processes effortlessly.  In essence, you don’t have to think about the billions of electrical and chemical reactions that take place in your brain and body on a moment to moment basis.  Any deviation from this optimal function and you are quickly forced to become aware of them, beginning the sometimes never-ending search for answers as to what is causing the breakdown in your brain and body function.

At Apex Brain Centers we understand that the brain is the supreme control center for all human function, and that any disruption in function of all or part of this control center can have a profound impact on psychological and physical performance.  For a large number of reasons, regions of the brain may become over or under-active, disconnection between various brain regions and hemispheres may occur, and brain waves may not be regulated appropriately.  When this occurs we develop challenges in thinking, concentration, decision making, behavior, emotions, movement, digestion, energy production, and so much more.

The good news, due to the remarkable breakthroughs in brainwave recording technology over the past several decades, is that we are now able to accurately assess the anatomical level and degree of brain dysfunction, and, more importantly, deliver protocols to improve it!  Paying respect to the core concept of ‘neuroplasticity’, our protocols are delivered in a high frequency manner with a level of intensity optimal for the individual client over short periods of time to effect maximal change within the brain.  In other words, we provide multiple sessions of combined, research-based brain testing and training modalities per day over the course of 1-2 weeks; hence the ‘Brain Intensive’ program.

Our ‘Brain Intensive’ program is a non-medical brain training approach that allows individuals to realize significant gains in their subjective and objective reality in just a matter of days to weeks; what would normally have taken months to years to realize in most traditional clinical environments working with brain-based disorders and human performance.

Allow us to help you reach your peak!

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APEX Brain Centers is leading the way in neuroplasticity-based brain enhancement programs that are opening new doors for those struggling with addictions, learning and behavioral disabilities, test performance, athletic performance and more.

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