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Peak Performance Brain Training

Peak Performance: The ability to perform at your maximum potential.

APEX Brain Centers can help you achieve Peak Performance through Brain Training. Our Intensive Brain Training approach can help you enhance your brain fitness, so you perform your best, physically as well as mentally. We’ll help you build brain power so you can think faster and move faster.

No matter how high your current level of performance, you can improve. CEOs and other business executives, elite athletes, and academics are some of the peak performers who come to train at APEX Brain Centers.

The Brain Training Process for Peak Performance

Our Peak Performance Brain Training process begins with a thorough examination of your brain and body. Diagnostic testing results direct trainings to improve the accuracy of your custom program and maximize effectiveness. Your pre-training evaluation will include:

  • Thorough review of client history
  • Head to toe neurological evaluation of the muscles, cranial nerves, senses, memory, balance, and more
  • Neuropsychological testing, including cognitive, memory, and tests attention
  • qEEG brain mapping
  • Computerized testing of balance and eye movements
  • Computerized testing of motor and cognitive sequencing and planning
  • Nutritional and metabolic screenings

Your test results help us home in on the elements that are holding you back from achieving peak performance and design a customized program tailored towards helping you reach your Peak Performance goals.

At APEX Brain Centers we recognize that peak performers such as athletes, artists, musicians, executives, and academics use their brains’ resources quite differently than every one else, particularly resources involved with timing, coordination, focus and attention. Some of the tools we use to help you see results are:

Peak Performance Programs

Academic Performance

Train your brain to increase focus, lengthen attention span, sharpen your memory and improve other skills that will help you achieve greater academic success and higher test scores.

We offer Brain Training for Test Preparation as a research based solution for anyone looking for more confidence in their test taking abilities. If you want to pass exams with ease or achieve higher scores on the SAT, GMAT, LSAT or other tests, Brain Training can help.

Cognitive Performance

Condition your brain for peak mental performance with Brain Training! Enhance your cognitive performance to improve concentration, boost memory and help you overcome mental blocks.

Standardized, cognitive tests are repeated throughout the training process to gauge changes in performance so you can see the improvements you are making every step along the way.

Physical and Athletic Performance

Exercise is not the only way to enhance your physical or athletic ability. You can achieve better balance, faster speed, and enhanced agility with Brain Training whether you are a weekend warrior or an accomplished professional athlete.

Climb to Your Peak with APEX Brain Centers

Please contact our Admissions department to set up a free consultation and discuss the how our revolutionary, research-based Brain Intensive training program can help you elevate your current level of cognitive, academic, or athletic performance. Optimize your brain performance and achieve more than ever before. Building Better Brains is what we do.

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