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Alpha Peak Frequency and Brain Performance

Do You Know Your Alpha Peak Frequency? (Tip #1 – If you’re concerned about brain performance, you should…)

Just like you would want (or may not want) to know your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and more; alpha peak frequency (APF) is a direct marker of ...

I Actually Feel Good…

Sometimes, Less is More Not “I feel great”, “I am cured”, “I am a new person”, “I no longer have pain”, etc. Just simply, “I actually feel good”. The Case ...

5 Important Tests to Consider When Seeking Treatment for Addiction

Addiction Testing or, more appropriately, substance use disorder (SUD) is defining as one’s recurrent use of drugs and/or alcohol. This impairment may be reflecting in the areas of physical and ...
Analyzing brain activity

The APEX Day Of Discovery

Day of Discovery Brain Assessment  Is your brain not working as it used to? Have you been struggling with a recent or lifelong brain performance issue that you want answers ...

Case Study: Balance and Memory Problems – Roger

Case Study: Balance and Memory Problems ( Roger's story ) At the time of presentation to APEX Brain Centers, Roger was a 70-year-old male struggling with severe balance problems, clumsiness, ...

Neurofeedback and Other Brain Training Exercises are Yoga for the Brain

February 2015 – Mountain Xpress – Neurofeedback and Other Brain Training Exercises are Yoga for the Brain Click the link below to view the complete media article: https://mountainx.com/living/neurofeedback-and-other-brain-training-exercises-are-yoga-for-the-brain/

Re-wiring the Addicted Brain

Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, and shopping are just a few of the most common behaviors and substances that people can become addicted to. Why is it that some ...

5 Tips to Level Up Your Business Brain

5 Tips to Level Up Your Business Brain - What does it take to get to the top? Persistence, passion, education, goal setting, accountability, flexibility, intuition, creativity, learning from failure, ...

What is the Difference Between EEG and qEEG?

EEG is the abbreviation for electroencephalography, a test used to measure the electrical activity of the brain. It can help doctors diagnose conditions such as seizures, tumors, and head injuries. ...

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