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The Interactive Metronome – Brain Timing is Everything

The Interactive Metronome - 21st Century Brain Training Every breath you take, every move you make (enter the distinct guitar sounds of The Police’s wildly popular 1983 hit) is controlled ...
Boot Camp for Your Brain?

Boot Camp for Your Brain?

Google defines ‘boot camp’ as: a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training. Aside from obvious military-style boot camps, seeking out boot camps in all shapes to help everything from ...
The Wave of the Not-So-Distant Future – ‘Brain Intensive’ Training

iPads for Everyone!!!

Everyone that signs up for a 5 or more day full intensive training program at APEX Brain Centers in Asheville! (Unique offer details below). While technology and all that comes ...

NaturalNews Blog: What NOT to Eat While Studying

Read my new blog on the NaturalNews Network to get great tips on what not to eat while studying and why. Not all food is brain food, and my blog ...

Study Less, Score Higher: The Real Reasons You’re Not Passing the Exam

The Real Reasons You’re Not Passing the Exam - When you cram the night before an exam, do you ever stop to think that your brain cannot hold the mountains ...

Keep Your Mind Sharp Over Summer Recess: 8 Ways to Beat the Summer Brain Drain

8 Ways to Beat the Summer Brain Drain - Summer break often conjures up images of the beach, going to bed late, sleeping in, camping, and, for those in school, ...

How to Improve Your Test Scores

Eat a good breakfast the morning of a test. Get a full night’s sleep. Study. Don’t cram. Make flashcards. Take practice exams. Write practice essays. Do these test preparation tips ...

Train Your Brain to Pass the Bar Exam

Train Your Brain to Pass the Bar Exam - Experts suggest that you study for the bar no less than 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for the ...

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